Environment, Energy & Resources

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Environment, Energy & Resources

Environment practice area is ranked in Band 1 by Chambers Asia Pacific since 2013

Environment, Energy & Natural Resources, handled by an excellent team of lawyers with a strong focus, represents a very unique practice boasted by our firm. The practice has been categorized as Band 1, the highest ranking by Chambers, for the fifth consecutive year, and many lawyers of our firm active in this sector have received Chamber’s recommendation.

Alongside Fortune 500 clients, we provide services for governmental authorities and NGOs, including the State Ocean Administration, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China Environmental Protection Foundation, and All-China Environment Foundation. For years, our lawyers have handled a great variety of environmental projects, including the treatment of waters, wastewater and river valleys, treatment and desilting of waterways, land reclamation, water diversion, and the development of urban environment by integrating the municipal lakes and waterways. Our highly praised non-litigation counseling entails services in relation to administrative permit, HSE compliance status, due diligence investigation, financing for and investment in environmental projects, construction, M&A, listing, refinancing, establishment and operation of environmental charitable funds, securitization and other matters, and we have also accumulated substantial experience regarding environmental charity litigation, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation, civil litigation and arbitration, and other kinds of proceedings concerning environmental disputes.

As to energy and resources, we provide domestic and foreign clients with full-range support covering the due diligence investigation on target countries and projects, the acquisition of mineral exploration rights and mining rights, obtaining of franchising, exploration and construction, M&A of projects, listing and financing, with regard to hydroelectricity, thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, solar power, biomass energy, forest, petrol, LNG, coal seam gas, coal, gold mines and minerals extraction.

Our track record for energy and natural resources is nothing short of extraordinary. We have dealt with a multitude of projects, involving thermal power, nuclear power, hydroelectricity, wind power, solar power, biomass energy, coal seam gas, shale gas, SNG and other sources of energy. Reaching many countries in regions as far as Africa, Australia, North Asia, South Asia, East Asia, North America, and South America, we have worked with well-known domestic and foreign energy and natural resources giants, such as Chevron, China National Petroleum Corporation (or, CNPC), China Sinopec, CNOOC, China Guodian Group, CNNC, China Nuclear E&C Group, China Huadian Group, China Gold, China Datang Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy, Shanxi Jincheng Mining Group, SK Energy, Samsung Petrochemical, China Nonferrous Metal Mining (Group), Metallurgical Corporation of China, Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, Shandong Gold Group, Asia Aluminum, Sanjili Energy, Zhengzhou Coal & Electric and Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. By assisting our clients from across the globe in matters such as permits for projects, obtaining mining rights and land use rights, and designing deal structures, and by providing comprehensive services, we usher our clients into an era of global connectedness and facilitate their access to both onshore and offshore PPP projects brought about by China’s “One Belt One Road” strategy and globalization.

Dedicated to giving back to society and using our expertise to promote China’s legal reform, we participate in the drafting of and amendment to more than a dozen environment and natural resources laws and regulations, including the Environmental Protection Law, Law on Response to Climate Change, Nuclear Power Law, Regulations on Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Safety Law, Law on Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Law, Law on Prevention and Containment of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, Interim Measures for Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment, Regulations on the Assessment of Environmental Impact of Urban and Rural Planning, Regulations on the Safe Management of Radioactive Waste, and Law on the Prevention and Containment of Atmospheric Pollution, and we have also made our contribution to the research in relation thereto.

Scope of Services

  • Full-range services regarding environment related PPP projects
  • HSE review and compliance counseling
  • Review, management and prevention of environment law related risks
  • Due diligence investigation regarding environmental law
  • Energy conservation and emission reduction projects
  • Cap and trade schemes and green finance
  • Management of and investment in carbon assets
  • Investment in and M&A of environmental infrastructures
  • Licensing and transfer of energy saving and environmental protection technologies
  • Solutions for environmental emergencies
  • Disputes over and compensation for environmental pollution and ecological damage
  • Serving as a long-term legal counsel for environmental institutions
  • Resolution of environmental disputes
  • Establishment of Sino-foreign joint ventures
  • Full-range services for domestic and foreign energy PPP projects
  • Tendering for offshore energy projects and providing subsequent services
  • M&A of energy projects at home and abroad and green field investments
  • Financing for energy projects
  • PE financing and public financing for energy companies
  • Management of legal risks of energy companies
  • Dispute resolution involving energy sector
  • Acting as a long-term legal counsel for energy companies and their competent authorities
  • Due diligence investigations on mining rights and mining companies
  • Applications for exploration and mining rights, and transfer, mortgage and lease thereof
  • Negotiation for mining exploration agreements
  • M&A of mining companies and natural resources companies
  • Acting as a long-term legal counsel for mining companies, natural resources companies and their competent authorities
  • Issuance of onshore or offshore bonds for mining companies and natural resources companies
  • Investment in mining and natural resource projects
  • Establishment of joint ventures to develop mining exploration projects
  • Full-range services for PPP projects with regard to mining or natural resources
  • Establishment of risk prevention and containment systems for mining companies
  • Dispute resolution in relation to mining