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Healthcare & Life Science

Ranked Band 2 in Healthcare (Chambers Asia Pacific, 2015-2017)

Zhong Lun’s expertise in medicine, healthcare and life sciences has always held a top spot in the legal service industry. Fully committed to renovate our services to keep up with these constantly evolving fields, we have forged our unique and much-loved models of services designed for sectors including healthcare, public health, life science, personal health management services, rehabilitation services, senior care, medicine, medical equipment, biologicals, dietary supplements and cosmetics, thus maintaining our undeniable edge in the fierce competition. Our firm has a dedicated team of several dozen partners and associates with extensive experience and considerable influence in health and life sciences, and their sterling track record reflects a deep understanding of the operating rules and development trends, solid background knowledge and hands-on experience in these sectors. They stay at the forefront of the industries by actively participating in the research on and formulation of public policies, and by designing new types and models of deals.


Zhong Lun’s services in health and life sciences cover practically every aspect, including healthcare service, public health, life science, personal health management service, rehabilitation service, senior care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, blood products, biologics, dietary supplements, internet-based smart healthcare, healthcare industry chains and innovative forms of retail and other related services such as the establishment of legal entities, sales contracts, regulatory affairs, administrative approvals, compliance, M&A, financing, listing, protection of IP rights, anti-bribery, dispute resolution, the transformation of medical institutions into enterprises, the reform and re-organisation of medical institutions, and PPP. We provide all-encompassing services to clients in medical treatment, medical insurance and pharmaceuticals, covering the entire life cycle of human beings, and leaving no small branches of the health care industry unattended for. Our health and life science team has advised large multinational developers and manufacturers of medicine/medical devices, various medical healthcare organizations, elderly care institutions, service providers, domestic industry leaders and emerging medical information service providers.

Scope of Services

  • Review and formulation of compliance measures for companies. We devise and examine internal regulations for pharmaceutical companies/medical device companies with regard to matters including their marketing, R&D and management of third parties, provide compliance related training programs for officers and employees alike for such companies, conduct compliance reviews and demonstrations on business models for medical healthcare institutions and advise on laws and regulations in medical administration and management.
  • Regulatory. We offer regulatory affairs counseling primarily concerning medicines and medical devices, and matters we advise on are mainly comprise clinical trials, registration of products, GMP compliance, marketing of the products, product recall, tender, antitrust and price control, among others. We also provide inclusive legal regulation consulting regarding access to market, medical insurance, pricing, medical items, quality control and sanitary control.
  • Investment, financing and M&A. We advise on the investment, financing and merger and acquisition of equities, property rights, and other rights and interests of medical healthcare corporates and non-corporate entities.
  • Re-engineering and re-organization. We advise on the reform and re-organization of the property rights, rights and interests and operation rights for and the transformation into enterprises of state-owned enterprises and institutions as well as non-profit organizations.
  • Anti-corruption and commercial bribery investigations. We act on behalf of our clients to handle legal actions lodged on them by governmental authorities, including industrial and commercial authorities, and anti-bribery and anti-corruption investigations conducted by overseas regulatory bodies; we also assist multinationals and large pharmaceutical/medical device companies in dealing with criminal or administrative investigations on them regarding commercial bribery.
  • Dispute resolution. We represent our clients in disputes in relation to medicine and medical devices, including disputes over service contracts, agency agreements, clinical trials for medicines, compensations due to medical malpractice, and monopoly and unfair competition.
  • IP rights. We have IP rights practitioners based across the globe at our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, London, New York and other metropolises. Consequently, we are well-positioned to render multi-regional, comprehensive, professional and innovative legal solutions, concerning matters including cross-border M&A, sales of medicines, R&D of medicines, patent strategies, transfer of technologies and relevant cooperation, development, licensing and dispute resolution involving IP rights.
  • Private equities and investment in startups. We take care of the establishment, financing, liquidation and daily management of PE/startup funds, and provide counseling for the investment in, M&A of and exit from such funds.