Criminal Compliance

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Criminal Compliance

We take pride in our team of top-notch lawyers dedicated to criminal compliance practice here at Zhong Lun. Led by talented and experienced partners, the team has defended many high-profile individuals, including persons in charge of large state-owned companies, famous entrepreneurs and senior officers of multinational corporations, and has also provided guidance in formulating compliance/anti-corruption rules for large multinational corporations, state-owned companies and financial institutions. For their excellent work, many of our criminal compliance lawyers have earned considerable reputations among both domestic and foreign clientele.

Boasting an impressive assemblage of legal talents with international outlook and in-depth local experience, our criminal compliance team has built effective communication channels with all levels of judiciary bodies throughout the country, as most of our criminal defense lawyers have working experience in court trials, public prosecution, and investigation into white-collar crimes and other criminal offenses with courts, procuratorates and public security bureaus across China.

Our criminal compliance team works in multiple languages, including English, which enable the attorneys to better help overseas companies in dealing with criminal offenses or other illegal conduct by domestic firms. We have handled a multitude of criminal cases initiated in Italy, Canada and other countries in matters related to bankruptcy fraud and contract fraud, just to name a few.

With diligence and impeccable expertise, our criminal compliance team has offered and will continue to offer our clients with first-class services tailored to the clients’ needs.

Scope of Services

Prevention and management of criminal risks/compliance/anti-corruption, and day-to-day legal counseling
  • Assist clients to formulate and adjust their local operations and business practices to be in compliance with the anti-corruption/compliance laws and regulations of China and other jurisdictions (the US, the EU, etc.). This would include, for example, assisting with framing and shaping a localized compliance policy system, criminal compliance risk prevention, and other controlling mechanisms
  • Provide training, day-to-day counseling and law updates in relation to prevention and management of criminal risks/compliance/anti-corruption matters, and help clients formulate and improve their internal compliance rules and risk management systems
  • Advise on cases in terms of prevention and management of criminal risks/compliance/anti-corruption and assist in responding to investigations, surprise checks and enquiries conducted by government authorities, services in this regard including contingency planning, on-site assistance and crisis management
  • Provide legal hotline service to our clients’ senior officers exposed to criminal/compliance/anti-corruption risks, ensuring that effective legal counseling is instantly available to the clients
  • Provide criminal risk management/compliance/anti-corruption advice on the laws of target jurisdictions of Chinese companies’ outbound investments, and help secure the participation of China’s enterprises in the Belt and Road Initiative and other outbound investment projects
  • Conduct, upon the clients’ request, investigations into or inspections on the clients’ counterparties (such as their suppliers), including the counterparties themselves and their shareholders, actual controllers and senior officers in terms of criminal accusations/compliance/anti-corruption
Dealing with Criminal Investigation/Criminal Defense/Representation in Cases Combining Criminal and Civil Claims
  • Assist clients in dealing with emergencies where criminal/compliance/anti-corruption investigations are initiated without warning by relevant authorities, and swiftly come up with preliminary responsive measures and help contain public reaction
  • Provide clients with comprehensive criminal defense services and develop the best possible defense strategies with a view to securing the most favorable results
  • Represent clients in criminal cases involving civil proceedings or in connection with civil or administrative lawsuits, and assist the clients in collecting evidence and responding to any claims
  • Help clients have sufficient and effective communication with case handling authorities regarding criminal coercive measures, compensations and settlements in order to obtain for the clients the best results possible
  • Represent clients in cases where criminal and civil issues are intertwined, and assist in initiating state investigation of criminal offences and behavior with a view to winning favorable results for the civil part of the cases through evidence collection, investigation and judgment of the criminal part of the same